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What is included in the errata for the Mega Civilization rulebook?

Since the release of Mega Civilization we have received a number of questions via Boardgamegeek, Facebook, email, and while playing. Most of these questions were related to the rulebook and the interpretation of certain rules. Some other questions dealt with errors that were found on a number of printed cards, missing lines in the rulebook and perceived omissions in the rules. In an effort to provide a single set of consistent rules, we gathered all these questions and updated the rulebook where necessary. In a number of instances this resulted in the addition of a word or a clarification, but sometimes it required the rewriting of a section to provide a robust solution.

Here’s a brief overview of the main adjustments in the rulebook:

  • Six Civilization Advance cards contain errors (Engineering, Fundamentalism, Library, Mathematics, Mythology and Politics). These errors consist of incorrect display of credit symbols and/or mistakes in the attribute text.
  • A few lines were found to be missing from the rulebook. For example, attribute texts that were printed on Civilization Advances but that were not included in the rulebook.
  • Where appropriate, definitions have been added, clarified or explained in more detail.
  • As a large number of questions was based on the Movement and Conflict phases, we decided to rewrite chapters 3 (Movement) and 4 (Conflict) of the Sequence of Play. The new chapter 3 clarifies ship construction, ship maintenance, causing a conflict situation and attacking a city. The new chapter 4 should solve the questions about the different types of conflict, the order of resolution and the actual resolution of conflict.
  • The selection of a beneficiary and/or secondary victims, in particular in the case of duplicate calamities, was found to be confusing. We therefore paid special attention to the rules for calamity resolution. In addition to adding some missing lines, we added a large number of exceptions and clarifications. This included the effect of Civilization Advances on the resolution of calamities.
  • The image on page 18 led to confusion concerning the distinction between the Hellas and Minoa regions. We updated this image.

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